Hello there, and welcome to our little world ! Let me introduce you to the world and characters of Sigil, a roleplay CharlieSupernova and Galaxyspeaking created three years ago. This tumblr will be filled with characters sheets, photosets, maps, and possible texts. Asks will always be open, in case you have some questions to ask about the characters or story !

So, going straight to the point, what’s Sigil exactly ?

Sigil is splitted in two parts, both of them separated by 20 years. They’re undubitably linked to one another, in an intricate path you’ll soon discover.

The first part is a prologue, as we’re following the steps of a strange warrior from Asgeird, Aislinn, having glimpses of a not so bright future. Alarmed by her visions, she takes the difficult decision to travel through several countries to bring up a team of anti-heroes in order to save the long lost princess of Astabàn named Ludmilla.

The second part takes place almost 20 years after Ludmilla went back on her throne.We’re now following the chidlren of our past heroes !

As Kazran embraced his royal nature, He & Caithlynn got a child together and raised her along with her cousin. Asheralie (Aislinn and Silas’ -Kazran’s brother- daughter) is quite impetuous, flirty, and brave. Plus, she’s the legit princess of Qaithe and will come to rule the city one day.
She loves a good fight and don’t really get along with her cousin Catherina. Cath’ is indeed quite shy, but very smart. So when the two girls both decide to go to the main land to pursue their dreams/studies, none of them would have thought Cath’ would be kidnapped instead of Asheralie !

This is the beginning of a new quest, a time for new heroes to grow, and quickly Asheralie, Sand, and Moira (Ludmilla’s twin children) decide to bring her back.

They’ll find much more than the teenage girl ;the secret held by a mysterious sanctuary, filled with old legends, awaits them.
For now, the only clue they have to find Catherina is the testimony of a young blacksmith, Eleanora, who said she met Catherina while she was on the road with two strange people, whispering something about sacrifice and an old white city, down in the Feldhuin forest.
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